Quick Istner guide

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Through this guide, you can see how easy is creating 360º images and 3D effects to show your products with 3sixty iStner system.



1º It is portable.


2º It is easy to prepare.

unidad de control

3º Connect the control unity with the robotic platform.

camara plataforma

4º Connect the camera with the robotic platform.

objeto plataforma

5º Put the product you want to get a photograph in the robotic platform.

pantalla unidad control

6º Choose the quantity of photographs that you want to include in each turn.

secuencia fotos

7º Start the process and then the system will take all the photographs in a sequence.

secuencia fotos2

8º When you will have taken all the photographs’ sequence, the system will stop.

tarjeta memoria

9º Pick the card from the camera.

importa fotografia

10º Import all the photographs to your PC.

software 3sixty

11º Open 3sixty iStner software which is included in the pack.

formato html5 flash quicktime

12º Choose an exit format: HTML5, Flash o Quick Time.

selecciona fotos

13º In only some seconds you will get the final file. It will be ready to insert in your website or your on-line showing paper.

insert archivo foto360

14º...You can read this QR code to see this example result or you can press the bottom link.

ejemplo foto360 qr

15º Follow this QR code to see the result of this example or visit our website.