istner CAR 360º


secuencia de giro
Automatic rotating sequence

The control unit (CU) synchronizes the camera shots with the platform turns.

cargas centradas
Centered and non-centered loads

The only one equipment that permits centered and non-centered loads, up to 4000 kg.

disparo automatico
Auto shooting mode

The control unit is who makes the shot at each position.

disparo manual
Manual shooting mode

The user is who order the camera shots in each position of the rotation sequence.

velocidad de giro
Speed regulation

From the Control Unit (CU)

hasta 72 posiciones

From 1 to 80 shots per turn


Compatible with: Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Hasselblad...

Compatible with Magento 360º View y Prestashop 360º View Module





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